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Welcome to Gumshoe!


Gumshoe is the result of a friendship and collaboration between Tracy Nolder and Liz Dimmitt. Tracy and Liz met while participating in an international seminar exploring arts issues and practices in Europe. While on this adventure, they brainstormed ways to encourage others to explore the arts.

Gallery Tours:
With over 900 commercial art galleries, the New York gallery scene can be difficult to navigate while the galleries themselves are often quite intimidating. Don’t worry - when we first explored galleries, we were scared too! Is talking allowed? Are the works for sale? What are their prices? Will I be reprimanded if my cell phone rings or if I step out of line? At Gumshoe, there are no stupid questions and we'll share our expertise to ensure that you explore without hassle.

Once inside the galleries, we’ll introduce you to dealers, tour the back-offices and view works not seen by the general public. At each venue, we’ll facilitate critical dialogue about the featured artists, laying the foundation for you to improve your own appreciation and understanding of the art market.

All Gumshoe tours are individually tailored to our clients' interests. Prices vary depending on group size and tour length. Please contact us to at [email protected] to learn more.